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Getting the help you need

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Carer’s breaks and respite care

Caring for an older relative

Care Information Scotland  – 0800 011 3200

  • Carers should be provided with a copy of the booklet: ‘Are you looking after someone ’
  • Find out more from Care Information Scotland or the Carers Information Line which can put you in touch with local Carers Services for support

Carers Information Line 0141 353 6504  or e-mail :

[email protected]

  • Drop in, call or email the Patient Information Centres on the ground floor of the New Victoria ACH and New Stobhill ACH.

 Patient Information Centres 0141 355 1527 or e-mail:

[email protected]

Care Information Scotland

If you look after someone, need care yourself, or are planning for your future needs, you can get the information and advice you need from Care Information Scotland.

The service has been designed as a central point to help guide people through the maze of resources to ensure they have access to comprehensive, accurate and up to date information, either for themselves, a relative or friend.

The service is also a helpful source of information for care professionals who are able to direct people to the information service as required.

NHS 24, which manages the service, has worked in partnership with the Scottish Government and care organisations in recent months to expand the service to help provide a first point of access to all care information in Scotland.

NHS 24 worked with a range of organisations, including Age Scotland, the Carer’s Trust and Shared Care, to ensure the re-designed website, web chat and telephone service meets the needs of people in Scotland.

NHS 24 Head of Health Information Services, Lynne Huckerby, said ” This fresh new service now offers features such as web chat, direct links to social care across local councils and the ability to share content and information.

“The service is designed to complement service provision in local areas and provides advice and signposting information a range of topics, allowing people to make informed decisions. This service will be a useful resource for those finding themselves in a caring role for the first time. ”

The service includes sections dedicated to where to start, accessing care services, care at home and carers’ health and wellbeing.

For more information, visit

or telephone 0800 011 3200



 Carers Emergency Planning Service

It may be you are looking after someone who needs your help due to a health condition, disability or frailty.

We Can Help You

The service will be for older carers and carers of older people, (from aged 55+ although priority will be give to aged 65+).

Our dedicated team of Emergency Planning Workers will provide you with support to discuss, develop and implement and emergency plan.

This is a free service

Benefits of making an Emergency Plan are:

  • Pease of mind
  • You are able to choose who should be involved
  • Best opportunity for the cared for person to remain in their own home
  • Information about other services available

What Will Happen

  • An Emergency Planning Worker will phone you to make an appointment
  • We will visit you in your own home or another convenient venue to discuss your requirement
  • With our support you will put together an emergency plan
  • We will provide you with a detailed document outlining you emergency plan

Who can have a copy of the Emergency Plan:

  • You will have a copy in your own home
  • A copy can be given to your emergency contacts
  • A copy can be held on Social Work information system
  • A copy can be sent to your G.P.
  • A copy can be sent to you local carers centre

This will enable your plan to be activated in the event of an emergency.

This service is available Glasgow wide.

For further information please contact your local Emergency Planning Worker:

South Glasgow

Val Corcoran / Liz McGurk

Telephone: 0141 882 4712

E Mail: [email protected]

[email protected]

North East Glasgow

Fraser Johnston

Telephone: 0141 781 0728

E Mail: [email protected]

North West Glasgow

Nina Hutchison

Telephone: 0141 959 9871

E Mail: [email protected]

This service has been made possible with thanks to the Glasgow Change fund.