Children’s Health

We recommend you have a look at the NHS website below which describes various childhood conditions. It provides advice on how to recognise symptoms, and whether or not to seek further advice from your GP.

Check out this NHS childhood illness page:




When children have a fever it can be frightening for the parents if you don’t know what to do.  Most symptoms of a fever in young children can be managed at home with infant paracetamol. If the fever is very high, they may have an infection that needs treating with antibiotics.

Check out out this website for more information:

What to look out for

It can be a scary experience for parents having an ill child. Understanding more about the illness can help you to feel more in control. The booklet below called “When should I worry”, is for parents (and older children) and deals with common infections in children who are normally healthy.  It will say the page can’t be found at first but if you click on the blue ‘click here’  -it will take you to the correct page, to choose the Scottish version to download.


Although rare these days because of the success of  childhood vaccinations, it is still very important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of Meningitis, so that you can act very quickly if you suspect that your child may have signs of the disease:

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