Dealing with Dementia

Dementia is very common and can be very difficult to deal with, whether it be the person who has dementia or those who care for someone with Dementia.

This full downloadble book tries to look at every aspect of caring for someone with dementia and is a very worth-while read.


Another excellent website which offers support and advice, as well as products especially designed to support people with dementia is:

Also excellent resources are these information packs :

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Managing Money

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Adults with Incapacity Act

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Worried that your loved one may go missing?

The Herbert Protocol is for people living with dementia,their families and cares in Glasgow and it is designed to provide the police with everything they need to know to find the person who may have gone missing.

The Herbert Protocol is here to give you some reassurance and help keep your loved ones safe.

It is estimated that 4% of missing person episodes relate to people living with dementia, by the nature of the vulnerabilities and high risks invariably involved, but the protocol provides a safety net.

What is the Herbert Protocol ?

It is a simple risk reduction tool to be used in the event of an adult with care and support needs going missing. It consists of a form that contains vital information about a person at risk that can be passed to the police at the point the person is reported missing. A recent photograph of the person should also be kept with the form. It is not intended to replace existing safeguarding and security measures.

Who completes the form and when ?

The intention is that the person at risk and/or their family can complete the form now and keep it safe. The form should be regulary reviewed and updated , so that all the information is as relevant as possible.

When should the form be given to the police?

The police only need the form at the point the person is reported missing. There is no need to hand it to the police before then and the form will be returned once the person is found.

Where should the form be stored ?

It should be stored at the home of the person who is at risk, or with family somewhere but where it can be found easily and handed to the police officer who attends to take the missing person’s report

Printed or electronic form?

Available as either .

A paper copy that can be completed or you can download an electronic Herbert Protocol Form from Police Scotland website.

What should i do if i am concerned that my friend or relative is missing ?

If you believe the person is missing and at risk of harm, please call 999 at the earliest opportunity. Tell the operator you have a Herbert Protocol form.

What happens if a person appears to be missing?

If you think someone is missing then search their home address, ground and any outbuildings. If you can’t find them and believe they are missing, then contact the police at the earliest opportunity.

If you believe that the person missing is at high risk of harm, please call 999. Tell the police operator that you have the Herbert Protocol person profile.

Please ask for a copy from reception staff or download form by googling “Herbert Protocol – Police Scotland”