Home Blood pressure monitoring

Having high blood pressure is a long-term condition and so unless very, very high, not having it checked for a month or two will be unlikely to have a detrimental effect, as long as eventually it is monitored and treated appropriately.

If however, you would rather check it yourself by buying your own blood pressure monitor – we would be happy for you to fill in the form below and send it to the surgery.

This service is for people known to us already, who have been getting monitored for high blood pressure. Obviously we do not have time at the moment to review these forms for anyone who just happens to want their blood pressure checked.

A satisfactory range is under 150/90 – and if the average reading for the whole week is under this, then this is a normal blood pressure range.

If more than or equal to 180/ 110 – consistently (more than just one occasion) – then you should inform your GP.

Please use this form to record the Blood pressure readings: