Move More Glasgow Activity Tables

Move More Glasgow Activity Timetable & Descriptions

Everyone who gets in touch with Move More Glasgow receives a Get Active Feel Good complete guide to becoming more active and is offered a Get Active Feel Good exercise DVD and Paths for All pedometer.  Each participant is offered one week free fitness class after 6 weeks of attending Move More Glasgow activities and a 4 weeks free fitness Unlimited membership with Glasgow Club after 12 weeks of attendance. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and take some water along with them. Move More Glasgow activities are free to attend.

Gentle Movement

Chi Gung style movements that are suitable for all affected by cancer combined with relaxation and meditation.  The sessions are led by trained volunteers and take place in two Glasgow Libraries and in the Calman Cancer Support Centre.

Gentle Movement has been found to:

  • Increase focus and create a more peaceful mind
  • Improve breathing
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Improve balance and coordination.



Local and friendly short walks led by trained volunteers.  The walkers leave from 3 Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries Information & Support Services citywide and stay for a chat and refreshment on their return.  Walks are suitable for those of all walking ability and open to all affected by cancer, including friends and family.  Walking is a great way to get active, feel good and meet new people.



Our community garden projects open to anyone living with and beyond cancer, including friends and family of those with a cancer diagnosis.  The gardening activities are designed to help people remain active during and after treatment and are suitable for all fitness levels.  No specialist experience or equipment is required only comfortable shoes and clothing.


Circuit Classes

A 12 week programme designed to help adopt and maintain a healthier more active lifestyle after a cancer diagnosis.  The class consists of a 60 minute physical activity session with a warm up, 10 circuit stations and a cool-down including a relaxation period.  Circuit classes are delivered in 8 community/leisure venues citywide by highly qualified fitness professionals with a Level 4 Cancer and Exercise specialist Qualification.


If you would like to attend may of the above activities please let the Move more team know before you go along by calling 0141 287 0241 or emailing [email protected].


Move More Glasgow Activity Timetable & Descriptions

Gentle Movement

An hour of Chi gung style movement, relaxation and medication led by trained volunteers and suitable for people of all activity levels.


Pollock                                            Hyndland                                                      Parkhead

Fridays at 1pm                                   Wednesdays at 5pm                                       Thursdays at 1pm

Pollock Civic Realm                          Calman Cancer Support Centre                  Parkhead Library

Cowglen Road                                   75 Shelley Road                                                                64 Tollcross Road

G53 2EN                                               (Gartnavel Hospital Grounds)                     G31 4XA

G12 0ZE


Friendly half hour walks led by our trained volunteers.  Walking groups meet in the parks local library at the Macmillan@Glasgow Libraries Information & support Service.  Anew walk in Easterhouse is coming soon!


Kelvingrove Park                         Househill Park                                         Victoria Park

Saturday at 11am                             Wednesday at 11am                                       Thursdays at 12 noon

Mitchell Library                                 Pollock Civic Realm                                     Glasgow Club Scotstoun

North Street                                      27 Cowglen Road                                             112 Danes Drive

G3 7DN                                              G53 2EN                                                           G14 9HY



One and a half hour long sessions at our community garden project led by trained volunteers.  A new garden in Easterhouse is coming soon!


Gartnavel Royal Hospital

Wednesday from 10am

1053 Great Western Road


G12 0YN


Circuit Classes

An hour long physical activity session with 10 circuit stations led by qualified instructors.  The classes have a half hour workshop at the end to promote available services.


Springburn                                  Bellahouston                Gorbals                             Drumchapel                   Drumchapel

Mondays at 10.30am                Tuesdays at 10am            Tuesdays at 6pm                   Wednesdays at 1pm

Glasgow Club Springburn       Palace of Art                      St Francis Centre                  Glasgow Club Drumchapel

Kay Street                                  1122 Paisley Road West    Cumbernauld Street           Drumry Road

G21 1JY                                       G41 5BW                               G5 0YT                                  G15 8SZ


Tollcross                                      Castlemilk                                                                  Kelvingrove

Wednesday at 10am                       Thursday at 10am                                                            Saturdays at 11am

Tollcross Community Centre       Castlemilk Community  Centre                                   Tennis & Bowls Pavillion

1120 Tollcross Road                       121 Castlemilk Drive                                                      Kelvin Way

G32 8HE                                          G45 9UG                                                                          G3 7TA


Easterhouse Pool circuit class is on hold until August 2015


If you would like to attend any of the above activities please let the Move More team know before you go along by calling 0141 287 0241 or emailing [email protected]