Keeping Active & Having a Social Life

Being bored and a bit isolated isn’t much fun, so if you’re at a loose end and feel that your life could do with something else in it, why not look up the groups that are in your local area so that you have something to do, something to look forward to, and you’ll make new acquaintances and put something back into your life that’s been missing.
Or, if you’ve got plenty in your life but you’re looking for something new or different, equally, have a look at the local things going on in your area to give you something extra in your life.

Elderpark library is a great source of information and the staff are very helpful and will search anything for you that you are looking for, so if you want to find out where the nearest walking group is, tea dances, bowling club or even Thai chi, they will be able to help you find it, also they have their own classes, cooking demonstrations, memorabilia and many more, why don’t you pop in and check it out? There is much more there than you would expect.

Lots of events on at the Portal, Govan – groups of all kinds for all age groups

  • Bead n Blether – Jewellery making classes that provide a wee chat and learning a new skill – The Portal 978 Govan Road G51 3AJ Wednesdays 11am – 1pm
  • Woolly Wednesday – Knitting Classes that will help to meet new and friendly people – The Portal 978 Govan Road G51 3AJ Wednesdays 1pm – 3pm
  • Time Out Classes  – Craft Classes to help provide relaxation and meet friendly folk –  The Portal 978 Govan Road G51 3AJ Mondays 1pm – 3pm
  • Govan Allsorts Choir – The Green Room 978 Govan Road G51 3AJ Thursdays 6pm – 8pm
  • The Portal Seniors Film Club – The Portal 978 Govan Road G51 3AJ Thursdays 2pm – 4pm

Fairfield working men’s club

  • Line dancing Thursday evenings – 7.30-9.30 pm

Bellahouston Sports Centre

Lots of classes including yoga, aqua fit, pilates, badminton, exercise classes, swimming – checkout the website:

Pierce Institute

Tea in the pot is run by volunteers, semi-skilled, skilled and professional women, who all have walked through the door of “Tea in the Pot” for their own particular reasons, and stayed to help others.

“We are that empty space for women between no man’s land; the step before professional help, or a place to go where there is no professional help. We are the arms and ears of comfort and compassion; we encourage and empower women to rise above their troubles; empower them to say no to whoever or whatever. Tea in the Pot enables women to give confidence to other women and share their skills with others.

Tea in the Pot is a room full of stories of humour, pain, and injustice. Women who  have suffered, like women all over the world, emotional and physical abuse, just because they ARE women. A room of healers, counselling skills and techniques. No matter what culture or background, we are here for all women, whoever walks through our door. We are “TEA IN THE POT””

Mondays and Fridays 9.30 – 2pm – Drop in welcome.

Pierce Institute Café – offering low cost food / drinks, comfortable seating, toys for children. Spacious – plenty of room for prams

Lots of classes including fencing, dog training, and much more – look for the adverts in the café, its always changing and new classes starting.

Check out these web sites and see if anything takes your fancy:–glasgow-harbour/public-amenity/linthousecommunitygarden


Obviously, groups change websites and details from time to time, so if any of these are out of date please let us know so that we can update this page.