Warfarin Clinic


Patients who are required to take the medication Warfarin, must have the “INR” levels monitored to make sure that the levels are correct for their needs. The INR stands for “International Normalised Ratio”, and is a test of blood clotting.

There are many reasons for having to take Warfarin such as having Atrial Fibrillation (an irregular heart beat), Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) ( a clot in the deep vein of the leg), Pulmonary Embolism (a clot in the lung, that has travelled through the veins (“embolised”) from a DVT formed elsewhere, such as the deep veins of the leg or pelvis), or following a Mitral valve replacement operation in the heart, because of the risk of a clot forming on the valve and causing a blockage in the heart. The INR needs to be kept a certain level depending on what the reason is for taking the Warfarin.

This medication as well as doing good, can also cause side effects and so it is important to monitor its use on a regular basis to make sure there are no problems. This is done by sending bloods tests to the laboratory to check that the INR is within acceptable levels.

Instead of the patient having to go to the hospital for all this frequent monitoring, they can have it done at their local Warfarin Clinic and lessen the need to go to the hospital so often.

The Warfarin Clinic is held in Elderpark Clinic which is adjoining Govan Health Centre and is held on a Thursday at 1.30pm till 5pm. You are required to make an appointment.