Wellbeing – Counselling Services

Are you frightened or anxious right now? Our workers are trained to support you and look after your wellbeing. We know the issues you are facing regularly will still be there, and we want to help you.


Wellbeing Scotland recognise what a difficult time it is for all with the Covid-19 outbreak. As it is currently not safe to offer face to face appointments, we will be offering support by telephone, text, email and groups. We are planning to post resources and work towards virtual groups.

Our contact numbers are:

01324 630100 – all calls

0800 121 6027 for people who have experienced abuse

07912 759 655 for children and young people, and also people with mental health concerns

Email: [email protected]

Websites: http://www.wellbeingscotland.org


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/WellbeingScotland

Twitter:   https://www.twitter.com/wellbeingscot

Kooth: Home – Kooth

Kooth is a free, safe, confidential and non-stigmatised way for 10-16-year-olds in Glasgow to receive counselling, advice and support online. Kooth delivers 1000’s of counselling sessions each year in Local Authorities across the UK. Available without referral or waiting lists until 10 pm each night, 365 days per year, it provides a much-needed out-of-hours service for advice and help.