Foods recommended/ not recommended in a gluten free diet


Almonds                                   Dripping                                                Milk, Fresh

Arrowroot                                  Eggs                                                     Milk, tinned or dried

Bacon                                       Essences          `                                   Nuts

Beer (not home brewed)             *Fish, fresh                                           Olives

Bicarbonate of Soda                   Fish, canned in brine, oil or water            Olive Oil

Bovril                                                                                                    Peels

Boiled Sweets (clear only)          Fruit, fresh and fried                               Pickles (in vinegar)

Build Up (Carnation                    Fruit juices and squashes                       Poultry

Butter                                       Fruit, tinned                                           Potato flour

Calves Foot Jelly                       Game                                                   Rennet (for curds)

Capers                                      Gelatine                                                Rice

Carraway Seeds                        Ginger                                                   Rice Kris pies

Cheese (not processed)             Gluten free flour                                     Sago

Chicory                                     Glucose                                                Salt

Cloves                                      Herbs                                                   Sugar

Cocoa                                       Honey                                                   Tea

Coconut                                    Jam                                                      Treacle

Coffee (fresh or instant)              Lard                                                      *Vegetables, fresh, dried,


Complan (Farley)                       Lemonade (bottled aeraed waters)           Vegetables, tinned

Cooking Oil                               Lentils                                                   Vinegar

Cornflakes                                Margarine                                              Wheat starch

Cream, dairy or tinned                Marmalade                                            Wines or spirits

Cream of tartar                          Marmite                                                            Yeast, Baker’s

Dried fruits, all kinds                  *Meat, fresh


*Frozen foods, provided they are not already prepared in any way, may be used instead of fresh.


All food flavourings and colourings are Gluten free.


When cooking, use Gluten Free Flour, Wheat Starch of a suitable cornflour in place of ordinary flour.


Gluten free baking recipes and the Coeliac Society List of Gluten Free manufactured products are available from the Hospital dietitian.



Some of the following foods are available in the gluten free form and these appear in the list of Gluten Free Manufactured Foods produced by the Coeliac Society.


Baking powders                         Farleys rusks                                        Oatmeal

Baby cereals                             Fish in sauce or breadcrumbs                 Oatcakes

Barley water                              or batter                                                Ovaltine

Beans, baked                            Fishcakes                                             Oxo

Beefburgers                               Fishfingers                                            Pasta

Bemax                                      Fish pastes                                           Pastry

Benger’s food                            Fruit pie fillings                                      Peanut butter

Biscuits                                                Gravy mixes and browning                     Pepper

Blancmange powders                 Groats                                                  Pickles in sauce

Bran-wheat                                Horlicks                                                            Porridge oats

Bread                                        Horseradish sauce                                 Potato crisps

Breadcrumbs                             Ice cream                                              Puddings, tinned

Breakfast cereals                       Ice cream cones and wafers                   Salad creams

Cake and pudding mixes            Instant desserts                                     Potato Salad

Cakes                                       Junket preparation in tablets                   Sandwich spread and pastes

Cake Decorations                      Lasagne                                                Sardines in sauce

Carmels                                    Lemonade powder                                  Sausages

Celery salt                                Lemon cheese                                       Semolina

Cheese spreads                                    Lemon/orange curd                                Soups, tinned or packeted

Chocolate                                 Luncheon meats                                    Spaghetti

Chocolate, drinking                    Macaroni                                               Spaghetti

Chutney                                    Macaroni products                                 Spices

Coffee essences                       Macvita                                                 Spreads, sweet and savoury

Cornflour                                   Malt                                                      Stuffing

Cream, artificial                         Malt milk drinks                                     Suet (shredded)

Crispbreads                               Marshmallow crème                               Trifle

Curry powder                             Marzipan                                               Vegetable salad, potato


Custard powder                         Mayonnaise                                           Vermicelli

Dessert powders                       Meat pastes                                          Yorkshire pudding

Energen rolls                             Meat, tinned

Energen bread                           Meringues





NB Bread, biscuits, etc. Described as starch reduced or suitable for slimming DO contain Gluten and are forbidden


It is always safest to check the ingredients in all manufactured foods in tins, packets, bottles, etc. To make sure they are gluten free.  If in doubt, please ask your hospital dietitian.