Epilepsy is a tendency to have recurrent seizures that originate in the brain. The brain is made up of billions of cells which process information from our senses, thoughts, emotions, memories and actions.

Seizures are a result of a brief, temporary disruption to the usual activity of the brain. These disruptions occur for a variety of reasons, not all of which can be identified. There are many types of seizures, and most are over in a few minutes or less and the person recovers quickly. The majority of people with Epilepsy respond well to medication and can get on well with their lives.

Epilepsy is a fairly common condition that affects about 1 person in every 200. It can affect anyone of any age, sex, race or walk of life.

Epilepsy Review

Sister Everett provides an annual Epilepsy review, to take a note of how often the seizures are happening, how severe they are and how it is affecting the person’s life. It’s a general health check at the same time to make sure things like blood pressure and weight are checked and satisfactory.

She can re-refer to the Epilepsy nurse specialists if the feeling is that things are not as good as they should be.

She can put you in touch with Epilepsy Connections and Epilepsy Scotland which are great sources of information for those who have Epilepsy.

This check should be carried out annually. We have a recall system to ensure that you are called for regular monitoring. However, if you notice time has passed and you haven’t had your review for a while, please contact us and we will give you an appointment.

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