Exercise on Prescription (Live Active)

Physical Activity


We all know that Physical Activity is good for you, and makes people feel better.

Great Glasgow and Clyde Health Board have had an “Exercise on Prescription” (Live Active) for years, but it has just been re-launched, and it now looks much better, easier to access, and is more streamlined.


Physical Activity services can all be accessed by  patients via one phone number.

Call 0141 232 1860

There is also a very good web-site www.nhsggc.org.uk/getactive


There are 3 core services on offer (all accessed via the above phone number).

1. Health Walks

Walking with a walk-leader.  Several around Glasgow.  For anyone.   Totally free. Click on the link for more information.


  1. Vitality

    Vitality exercise classes have been specifically designed for people living with medical conditions such as; Parkinson’s disease, MS, Stroke, Cardiac Conditions, Osteoporosis, Cognitive impairments and COPD. It is also ideal for those who have a fear of falling or find their strength and balance is starting to impact on their daily lives.

    The classes are led by an instructor.  Patients should be encouraged to complete a Suitability Questionnaire (self-completion) and bring it to their first class.  Practices will be supplied with blank forms to hand out.   There is a small charge for each class.  Patients can  just phone the number to arrange a class. Click on the link for more information.



  1. Live Active.

This is a consultation between the patient and an Advisor.  The consultation is free, but there may be a charge for certain activities thereafter.  All Live Active patients will receive the local authority concessionary rate regardless of circumstances, for 1 year.


There needs to be a REFERRAL by a Health Professional, but this is very simple, your Practice Nurse or GP can do it.

Referral to Live Active

There are 2 types of referral:  cardiac  or   non-cardiac.

Cardiac, are for patients with established heart disease (any kind).  The referral will be vetted by a cardiologist, who will organise an ETT for the patient.   The referral can come from GP, Practice Nurse, or even from the cardiologists themselves.

Non-cardiac.   Referral can be from any clinician within the Health Board, including AHPs, nurses and midwives as well as doctors in primary or secondary care.   It is very likely that these patients will be attending a health professional already.  However, after calling the number, some members of the public may decide that Live Active is the most appropriate service for them.  This might result in a tiny proportion of patients being re-directed back to primary care for a referral from any registered health professional (unless the person has established heart disease).


How to get referred?

Ask your GP’s or Practice Nurses, they can do it on a paper-form as usual (Cardiac or Non-Cardiac forms are available)


they can do it Via SCI-Gateway.    (they will know what this means). They need to Click on  “Live Active GG&C” , then choose an appropriate site for the patient’s consultation with the Advisor.  These are in local sports centres.

The advisor at that site will action the referral.  That being said, the advisor and patient might discuss if a more appropriate venue is required and book accordingly.  Once the patient has seen the advisor they have the ability to exercise at any site within that local authority.  Should a patient wish to exercise at a different local authority (e.g. work location) then this can be arranged at their baseline consultation.

All advisors will phone each participant initially.  If after a few attempts this has been unsuccessful a letter will be sent instructing the participant on how to book their appointment.

The SCI Gateway system will remind the referrer to get permission from the patient to allow their medical information to be sent outwith the health service.   The Live Active Scheme is governed by data protection legislation as per other public sector services.  Furthermore an Information Governance Agreement was approved by the Referral Management Group.  All patient information is password protected and held on secure servers as per agreements in place.

The Physical Activity Team will be providing every practice with packs, with all the information you require to encourage your patients to uptake all the various activities on offer.   They can be contacted on 0141 232 1860, select option 5.

Further information is available at :